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Technical Information

Traverse City Opera House is a Proscenium Stage event space.

Main Floor (Orchestra Seating) is portable seating which can be arranged in a variety of approved seating floor plans.  (364 cap)

Balcony Seating is fixed seats. (329 cap)

The stage is physically located on the 2nd story. Equipment to be brought in for events will need to either fit in a standard passenger elevator, or be carried up a flight of stairs.

Backstage Elevator Dimensions: 

Door: 4’ Wide X 7’ High

Interior: 8’ Deep X 5’9” Wide X 7’5” High

There is not a loading dock at this facility.

Left: Street level backstage entrance, elevator to the left. Right: Large double doors are 1 story up and unusable without forklift

There are limited loading and unloading zones, which must be coordinated in advance of your event.


Proscenium width 33’ 1”
Proscenium Height 14’ 8.5”
Stage Depth including Apron 24’ 5”
Stage Depth plaster-line to U.S 19’ 3”
Stage Right to Stage Left 54’ 9”
Upstage Cross over corridor multi-use area


ETC Control; 96 channels.

House plot is basic stage wash:

1) FOH Pipe: accessible by genie lift.

2) Trees in balcony, four high sides. Accessibly with A-Frame Ladder

Overhead electrics dead hung; Accessible by catwalk.


FOH Pipe: House Hang: (16) 19 degree ellipsoidals for two separate color washes. Generally warm & cool.

Balcony Lighting Trees: High Side: House Hang: (2) 26 degree ellipsoidals per side

Overhead electrics: House Hang: (6) 8’ Fresnel Primary Red, (10) Par Primary Blue, (6) 26 degree ellipsoidals for specials.

16 19 degree ellipsoidals ETC Source 4 Model 419
20 26 degree ellipsoidals ETC Source 4 Model 426
50 degree ellipsoidals ETC Source 4 Model 450
12 36 degree ellipsoidals ETC Source 4 Model 436
12 8″ Fresnel w/ 1000w lamp Altman 75Q
10 Pars w/ multipal lens kits ETC S4PAR-EA
4 3 CIRCUIT STRIP W/ 300 WATT LAMPS Altman r 40-8
1 Medium throw follow spot Altman comet
9 Barn Doors L & E  
20 5' Stage pin extension  
15 10' Stage pin extension  
10 15' Stage pin extension  
3 50' Stage pin extension  
20 3' Y Splitters  
4 50 LB Vertical boom pipe and base  
1 96 Chan. Dimming system w/ accessories ETC


Allen & Heath 36 channel

FOH mix position located at back of main floor; 10’w x 8’ deep

FOH PA consists of (4) EAW LS 832 Passive column array speakers with (2) 18” Electrovoice Subwoofers.  This system is best utilized for spoken work or small band events.  For larger events appropriate PA is acquired from a local vendor.

1      100 ft. 8 line mic snake ProCo stagemaster
12 22ft Male to Female XLR mic cables ProCo Dynamike 223B
1 A/V interface ProCo AV-1
1 Direct box pad ProCo DB-1
4 Instrument mics w/stand mounts and zip case Shure SM57
2 400 watt 18″ subwoofer EV Fri 181
1 Power amp. QSC
14 Male to Female XLR mic cables24 foot  
6 Overhead mic w/30ft hang line & acces. Shure MX202/BC
4 Soundmate pers. listen system Telex SR50
3 Stage monitor 50 ft. cables w/ twist lock connectors Neutrick LN2FC
2 Stage monitors (fold back) EV Force i
1 Stage monitors (fold back) Yamaha CM10V
1 Stereo mic (piano) Shure VP88
4 Voice mics w/stand mounts and zip case Shure SM58
2 Wireless Hand held mic #1 & #2 Shure SM58/SLX
1 CD Player  
1 36 Channel Mix/Effects Audio Board Allen & Heath  
2 Wireless Lav Mics Shure SLX1/WL185
4 Wireless Hand held mics Shure ULXD2/SM58
4 Wireless Lav Mics Shure ULXD1/WL185


Opera House Historic painted drop is hung at Proscenium. This drop will not fly above the proscenium opening, therefore it establishes the pro. Opening at 15’4”. This drop may not be used for productions, and may not be struck.

Upstage black-out curtain: is on a hand winch; the batten may be brought down to the deck. This black-out curtain will not fly out. It provides a full stage black-out hung hard on the upstage brick wall.

3 Dead hung black velour legs for side masking.


Stage is natural wood grain.

A Marley Dance floor is available to cover from Plaster-line to upstage wall.

Events are NOT allowed to drill, or lag/screw into the stage deck.


Epson G5650W Lumens Projector. 13’ H x 20’ W  Retractable screen, hung downstage near proscenium opening.  DVD playback.  HDMI, VGA and component inputs.


Small Green Room or Dressing Room, lockable, with sink and mirror.  Private restroom right next to it. Backstage crossover area is available for dead storage, and makeshift dressing rooms with pipe and drape. Pipe and drape can be used to establish other dressing and support space.

6-7 person Dressing Rooms, lockable, with station lighting, restroom, sink and shower.

Venue has one large auxiliary/catering space that can be used for hospitality/support space or converted into dressing rooms.


Orchestra Chairs: 19   
Cello: 3  
Music Stands: 12  
Risers: 5- 4’X8’x 8’  1-4’x8’x24”
Stools: (2) 3’ (2) 2’
Piano: 6’ Grand 1919 Mason Hamlin
(rebuilt in 2006)
1 Kawai Upright Piano

Download the Lighting system diagram

Download the Stage and Auditorium diagram

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